Marvel’s Avengers Collector’s Edition Assembles Some Sweet Loot

Earth’s Mightiest Edition

New York Comic Con has been a wealth of information for games this year, particularly about superhero games. The latest news to come out of New York is the announcement of a Marvel’s Avengers collector’s edition called Earth’s Mightiest Edition. We do not know things like the price, dimensions, or the date we can purchase it, but we do know what it contains. There is something cool in the collector’s edition for each hero we will be playing as.

Marvel's Avengers Collector's Edition

There will be a 12′ statue of Captain America (which is a fully coloured version of the memorial statue), a Black Widow insignia, blueprints for an Iron Man suit, a Hulk bobble-head (which can be seen on Bruce’s dashboard in the Kamala Khan trailer), a Mjolnir keychain, an Avengers emblem, a photo of the Avengers on A-Day, and a steel case for the game. Those appear to be all the physical items in the Earth’s Mightiest Edition, but it is unclear if there will be any digital or in-game bonuses that customers can get.

As far as collector’s editions go, that’s pretty cool. Bear in mind that the price has not been revealed. We are about seven months out from the release of Marvel’s Avengers, so it will be at least a few months until it will be on sale. Marvel’s Avengers will be available on May 15th, 2020 on Xbox One, PS4, Google Stadia, and PC.

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Source: MP1st