Sony Is Looking to Acquire More First-Party Studios

Sony Wants to Bolster Its First-Party Output As the PS5 Arrives Next Year

Sony is planning on acquiring more game studios to improve its first-party output as the PS5 gets closer and closer to its launch in Holiday 2020. Back in August, Sony officially acquired longtime partner Insomniac Games due to the game studio releasing the critically acclaimed Marvel’s Spider-Man in 2018.


Senior Sony executive and CFO Hiroki Totoki said on Wednesday during an earnings call that the Insomniac acquisition “will contribute to further enhancement of our first-party software development organization.”

When it came to the company’s future plans regarding studio acquisitions, Totoki added, “Going forward, we will continue to pursue growth investment opportunities that will enhance our content IP.”

Sony currently owns 15 game studios including Insomniac, Naughty Dog, and Guerrilla Games.

Totoki also gave some news about the current development of PS5 games: “Development of the PS5 is progressing according to plan and we believe development of game titles by our software development partners is progressing smoothly. We anticipate providing the highly-engaging game-play experiences that both current users of the PS4 and potential new users have come to expect.”

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