Overwatch Switch Port Will Not Have Unique Nintendo Feature

Think of the Statues Though!

Nintendo Switch owners have been rejoicing now that Overwatch has been announced for the Switch. For the first time in a while, it finally feels like Nintendo fans are getting the competitive games that other console owners have been getting. The Overwatch Switch port will be getting all the heroes, features, and content that the other console versions have, but it’s missing something of its own, but what does the Switch have that Xbox and PS4 don’t? Amiibos! What? No Overwatch amiibos? Seems like such a missed opportunity.

Overwatch Switch Port

So, what’s up with no amiibos? Well, the function of an amiibo is to give players bonuses, additional, or exclusive content, but in a competitive game like Overwatch, that might not fly. The game is all about balanced teams; bonuses and advantages are no bueno. What about skins then? Well, Blizzard thought it would sow discontent among players on other platforms if Nintendo Switch owners got exclusive skins. It’s a real shame though. The diversity of Overwatch and the number of heroes makes it the kind of game that’s made for an amiibo collection. It’s too bad that Blizzard couldn’t come up with a creative excuse to make them.

But let’s count our blessings. All the post-launch heroes, maps, content will be available on the Switch port right off the bad. Newer features like Role Queue will also be implemented. Overwatch on the Nintendo Switch will be available on October 15th.

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Source: GameRant