Stop Sending Katsuhiro Harada Smash Bros. DLC Ideas

He Will Absolutely Mute You On Twitter

Bandai Namco is adding more characters to Smash Ultimate in a future batch of DLC! Maybe. Although, if people keep spamming Katsuhiro Harada with suggestions on Twitter, maybe not? Apparently Harada is going on a muting spree after too dang many messages from eager fans.

Tekken 7 katsuhiro harada

Harada told fans on Twitter that “I talk with Mr.Sakurai & BandaiNamco’s Smash development team so that your request will NOT be approved as much as possible.” He went on to state that “[w]e listen and value opinions, requests and feedback. However, spam due to a large amount of tagging and replying interferes with normal communication. I always listen to opinions, but spam and tagging are not welcome.”

In other words, stop you guys! What if Harada decides not to add somebody really cool out of spite? I mean, the odds of this actually happening are slim, but still. All of these incessant messages would be enough to drive anyone crazy. The conversation around this on Twitter has been predictably divided, with some fans chiding others for being spammy loons. Although ‘[insert character here] for Smash’ has long since reached meme status, maybe refrain from assaulting industry veterans with your amazing ideas?