The Infamous Colonel Sanders Dating Game Was One of the Most Downloaded Games on Steam

Faith in Humanity Has Been Restored

September was a month to remember. This reason could be different for many people. However, September will be remembered by gamers as the month that the Colonel Sanders dating sim was one of the best selling games on Steam. This might be a hard pill to swallow, but it’s true.¬†While the Colonel did not outperform games like Gears 5, it did make it to the top 20 best selling games of the month. Which is beyond impressive. Or maybe terrifying.

KFC Dating Sim

The game is actually called ” I Love You, Colonel Sanders.” This game is unapologetically Japanese. It sports the very genic Anime art style making the famous mascot for KFC look like a freakishly young but old looking man. The Colonel still has grey hair and glasses in this game but he has somehow managed to get himself a swimmer’s body.

Everything is else that is present in this game is what you’d expect. You make finger-licking good chicken and also try to pursue romantic relationships. As you do when you’re the Colonel.

As ridiculous as this game might be, it is only thanks to platforms like Steam that is game even exists. While this game would have most likely been relegated to being a dumpy flash game 10 years ago, Steam has really made an effort to try and elevate indie studios and games. Now we all have the privilege to play this dumpy flash game on Steam instead of Newgrounds or Addicting Games.

You might find this particular game too bizarre or creepy to find interesting, but there is no denying how instrumental Steam has been at making games like these easily accessible and well recognized.

I Love You Colonel Sander is on Steam.

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