V1 Interactive’s Sci-Fi Shooter Disintegration Set to Offer a “Pretty Intense Rollercoaster” Campaign

Upcoming Sci-Fi Shooter Disintegration Set to Be Exciting From the Get-Go

Back in August V1 Interactive announced a brand new game called Disintegration that’s set to be a unique blend of Sci-fi, strategy, and shooter elements. In a new interview with VGC Marcus Lehto, one of the creators of Halo, talks in great detail about the single-player campaign.


Up until now we’ve gotten to see a bit of gameplay and the developers have shared some interesting snippets about their multiplayer game modes. In this recent interview with VGC however, Marcus Lehto, was asked about what fans can expect from the game’s campaign. Here’s what he had to say, “The campaign is a full single-player story campaign. We take the player on a pretty intense rollercoaster right from the start, so you’ll have some nice highs and some real lows when you can really take in the environment. It’s a little slower paced than multiplayer.”

As it turns out the campaign, while slower, is going to take players to different and unique environments, offering up very different experience from multiplayer. “So in between combat you have the opportunity to explore the environment and look for things that…for instance, you can look for salvage. This is like a currency in campaign that you can use to upgrade your units. They have skill trees that you can upgrade and allow them do better in combat for the upcoming missions.” He continued, “But also, the campaign takes you across a variety of different unique environments so we really want the player to get a sense of the state of the world and allow it itself to tell part of the story.”


And if you’re a fan of the popular TV show Firefly, there’s even more to get excited about when it comes to Disintegration. According to Lehto, the game is going to take some cues from it. Disintegration is set to release in 2020 for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC.