Celebrate 25 Years of PlayStation With Brand New Merchandise on Geekstore

Its Called Fashion, Look it Up

It might seem hard to believe, but PlayStation is nearly 25 years old. That’s a quarter of a century. A long time for sure. While the PlayStation brand might be old, it is not as nearly as ancient as the people who grew up with the original PlayStation as a child. However, if you feel like taking a trip down memory lane, look no further. If you are looking to show off or want to dress to impress then make sure you suit up to hit up Geekstore for all merchandise that is PlayStation.

PlayStation Classic

Things like hoddies, pins, backpacks, and other items are all readily available in their store. This site will serve as the perfect destination for last-minute Christmas or birthday shopping. They even sell ugly sweaters. Sometimes finding the perfect game themed gift can be difficult. But the Geekstore makes everything just a little bit easier.

To make this 25th anniversary even more exciting. Sony has officially announced the PS5. While there is no exact date of when the PS5 will be available, Sony did make it clear that the next generation of PlayStation will be dropping sometime in late 2020. Probably around Christmas time. That would make the most sense. If the PS5 did in fact release around Christmas 2020 it would also serve as a direct threat to the new Xbox that is scheduled to drop at the same time. Things are going to get interesting in the meantime.

The PS4 and Xbox One did not exactly go head to head in the same way past consoles did. This is largely done to the relatively unremarkable launches of both the Xbox One and PS4. You can count on Sony and Microsft making sure that that doesn’t happen again.