Borderlands 3 Eridium Event Is the Gold Rush of Space Rocks

“Show Me the Eridium!”

In celebration of Gearbox’s 10th anniversary of the Borderlands franchise, they have been holding a month long event with five weeks of different rewards in Borderlands 3. The first week focused on bosses and the loot they drop. Last week, we saw increased rare enemies and better rewards from them. This week, is called “Show Me the Eridium!” This Borderlands 3 Eridium event sees an increased drop rate of the purple space rocks. Pick ’em up and trade with Crazy Earl! He is, surprisingly, the only person in the universe who deals in Eridium, so there’s no other reason to horde them.

Borderlands 3 Eridium Event

Eridium is the special purple ingots you may have seen in your travels. They are a secondary currency that can be used to buy cosmetic items from Crazy Earl. He sells players skins, player heads, ECHO skins, emotes, room decorations, weapon skins, and weapon trinkets. There is also a unique vending machine that sells purple rarity items for Eridium. Both Earl and the vending machine are located in the cargo hold of Sanctuary III (in the back of Ellie’s garage).

So, what’s so special about this event? Well, normally, Eridium only drops from rare or special enemies and Eridium deposits. These deposits can be broken open after you get the first artifact from the Vault on Promethea. For this week only, Eridium will drop from common enemies. Eridium purchases are also discounted. This means all cosmetic items Earl is selling (from this door and vending machine) as well as the Eridium slot machine in Moxxi’s Bar will cost less Eridium. You can splurge those space rocks until October 22nd, which is when the next event will start.  Borderlands 3 is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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