Blizzcon Schedule Posted, Is Full of ‘Coming Soon’ Slots

Lot of Holes in That Calendar

The 2019 Blizzcon schedule has been posted, and there are some holes in the calendar. In particular, the top of both days appears more or less blank? With less than a month before the event, we’ve only so many days to ruminate on this curious mystery.

Activision Patents blizzcon schedule

You can check out the two-day schedule here and here. Three of the stages will be dedicated to Warcraft, Hearthstone and Overwatch tournaments, while the other three stages will be set aside for various presentations. One wonders where everyone will fit their massive protests into such a packed schedule, but I’m sure we’ll find a way.

The Mythic stage is home to most of they mystery slots. Will this be the space for Diablo news? Yet another Overwatch hero? Or, will Blizzard set some time aside to address the storm of controversy brewing in their wake? These are tumultuous times for the gaming giant. If they don’t make some sort of proper offering to their fans, this year’s Blizzcon will be even more infamous than the last one.