Blizzard Leaker Sure Diablo 4 Getting Announced Soon

Diablo 2 Remastered As Well

Metro, who’s made a name for themselves as a Blizzard leaker (leak guy?), is pretty sure that Diablo 4 and Diablo 2 Remastered will be announced at this year’s Blizzcon. There isn’t a lot of evidence for this, aside from the fact that Metro has predicted Blizzard stuff before.

Diablo IV

Previously, Metro got a scoop about Overwatch’s Ashe before last year’s Blizzcon. Apparently this is the very same source! Of course, all of this is extremely grain of salt/rumor mill/believe it or don’t territory. Who knows whether this information will pan out? Although maybe it should, given Blizzard’s current PR status.

Yes, this is a company currently waist-deep in the hottest of waters. Nothing has seemed this bleak for a major game company since the Battlefront II fiasco of late 2017. In other words, next month would be a really good time to announce something like Diablo 4. The company has been up front about working on the game, they just haven’t come right out and given us anything about the game whatsoever. So for Blizzard’s sake, let’s hope this leak and/or rumor turns out to be true. They could really use a win, you know? Also I could really use a remastered version of Diablo 2.