3 Up, 3 Down – The Best (And Worst) Games From September 2019

The Best and Worst Games of September 2019

Although August saw some spectacular games, like Control, Astral Chain and Madden NFL 20, September is known to mark the beginning of the biggest season in the video game industry. Despite school being back in full swing and summer vacation coming to an end, it’s a time when the most highly anticipated games of the year finally launch and this time around we saw some real crowd pleasers. Spoiler alert, franchise entries all round are the real winners here. That said, there were some titles that either failed to meet expectations, or were just plain bad. So which games fall into each of these categories? Let’s find out what the best and worst of September 2019 were.

borderlands 3 Gameplay

The Best

Gears 5

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It’s been almost 3 years since the latest game in the Microsoft flagship franchise Gears of War and leading up to its release there was a ton of hype about its arrival. For such a massive game to drop and meet these crazy high expectations, it almost feels like a feat in itself. Oh, and it just so happens that within its opening week Gears 5 became Microsoft’s biggest studio launch of this entire console generation. Aside from this however, Gears 5 brings back everything you love about the series on an even larger scale whilst adding just enough fresh new grit to keep things feeling brand new. Although the focus has always been on the campaign, Gears 5 elevates the package as a whole, giving all types of players an ample amount of multiplayer game modes to sink their teeth into. Here’s what our review had to say, “No matter what your experience level is with these familiar faces, Gears 5 is the most accessible title in the line, and is ultimately successful in trying to be something for everyone.”

Borderlands 3

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Looking for a wasteland that’s going to not only pique your interest, but hold it for the long haul as well? Well the latest in the Borderlands series is going to be your little slice of heaven because not only do its witty cast of characters and charming graphics pull you in, the vast amount of content available in this looter shooter is something to be in awe over. Seriously, you’ve got 4 different characters to choose from, each with their own playstyle and a whole hell of a lot of weapons to find, customize and use to kick some enemy butt. Still not convinced? Borderlands 3 also boasts a healthy Metacritic score average of 81, which goes to show that all the time in between the last one and this very latest, 7 whole years, did nothing but make the hearts of many fans worldwide grow fonder.

NHL 20

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Every year fans of EA’s popular hockey franchise wonder if this will be the year for innovation and now, NHL 20 is finally the game we’ve been waiting for. It’s not like EA just decided to slash its usual design and cook up a complete overhaul, but they did listen to fan critique over the past few years. Goalies are smarter than ever, shooting is smoother than before and though it may still lack that emotional connection, there are a ton of game modes to keep you busy. And if you’re a big fan of customization, NHL 20 has it in abundance. Overall, the latest iteration in the NHL franchise finally looks and feels like a real hockey simulator. “Over the past five or six years, the series became incredibly stagnant, and desperately needed a shot of life to continue to hold players’ attention. NHL 20 is just what the doctor ordered.”

We’ve covered the best, so now what about the worst of September 2019?