Marvel’s Avengers Full of Loot and Cool Costumes

Avengers Assemble, And Also Grind

If you were hoping for a lot of loot and cool costumes in Marvel’s Avengers, good news! The latest trailer for the game provides tons of details on exactly those things. It looks like Earth’s mightiest heroes will have a ton of customization options to choose from while saving the day.

avengers cool costumes

The video is embedded below. There’s quick glimpses of several different alternate outfits, including a pinstripe suit for the Hulk, if that’s your thing. Customization will extend to play style and combat, as well as appearances. Various skills can be swapped around and leveled up at your leisure. The possibilities are tantalizing, although who knows how much will be barricaded behind paywalls and season passes.

There’s also a quick rundown on the story setup, if you’ve not absorbed that already. Essentially, the assembled Avengers are broken up, and it’s up to Ms. Marvel to drag their reluctant asses back together again. If nothing else, she seems uniquely suited for slapping sense into any number of ill-tempered superheroes. While I’m almost burned out on loot grind games forever, perhaps that will change by the time Marvel’s Avengers comes out for the PS4 next May.