Green Hell 1.0 Is Out Now

The Full Version of Green Hell Costs $24.99 USD on Steam

Survival sim Green Hell finally launched as a full game on Thursday and a new trailer for the 1.0 launch dropped on the same day. You can check out the trailer below!

The full version of the game comes with a story mode about a man searching for his love, Mia, in a dangerous, hostile Amazonian rainforest. Green Hell will also launch with other features such as perma-death difficulty and a decay timer.

Green Hell

Here’s the full list of features:

  • Story Mode — How did you end up in the Amazon? What happened to your love, Mia? How can you escape? How can you survive? Seeking answers to these questions will take you to the brink of sanity as you rediscover well-known areas and discover new areas for the first time.
  • New Map Areas — The lush rainforest of Green Hell gets even bigger with new Wetlands to explore.
  • Perma-Death Difficulty — Gear up for the most ruthless challenge yet. There’s no coming back from death.
  • New Graphics Options — Optimize your experience with new FOV, Vsync, antialiasing, texture quality, and shadow distance options.
  • New Plants and Animals — Introducing the psychosis-inducing Psychotria Viridis, the Banisterposis Caapi, and the lethally poisonous Dart Frog.
  • Decay Timer — Many items in the game will now start to wither and decay. Players will have to be vigilant learning to use their items before they expire.
  • New Difficulty Levels (Tourist, King of the Jungle, Custom) — Have a problem with snakes? Maybe spiders? Introducing new difficulty options to turn tribes, predators, spiders, snakes, and the sanity meter on or off! Hate managing macroelements? Green Hell is also adding a depletion speed slider to adjust how quickly you need to replenish yourself.

Source: Press release