New FF7 Remake Footage Has Ifrit in Action

The Fabulous Fists of My Fiery Friend

TGS 2019 has descended upon us! Like an angel holding dozens of monitors, this is some blessed footage, my friends. Okay, so it’s maybe just pretty cool. But still! New Final Fantasy VII: Remake footage is always welcome, especially when Ifrit is involved. If you were at all curious about how summons work in this game, this is mission critical data.

FF7 remake footage Ifrit

The video, embedded below, encompasses exactly one boss battle. I think it’s the one you fight in the sewers below Don Corneo’s mansion? Forgive me, as it’s been a while. Monster identity aside, my man Ifrit appears at around the halfway mark.

It seems like summons will work as they did in FFX, where they become a character you control. On the plus side, you retain control of the rest of the party while this is happening. It’s like a bonus fourth party member who’s also on fire! Everything looks crazy beautiful, Ifrit included. Keep an eye on our site all weekend, as we’ll have so much more TGS 2019 news to dispense among the people.