The NBA 2K20 Demo is Live and Available for Download

Hone Your Character a Few Weeks Before Launch

MyCareer has undoubtedly become the most important part of the NBA 2K franchise. Your MyCareer character is used in both the multiplayer and single-player aspects of the game. Park games, Pro-Am, Rec Center, and the single-player MyCareer mode all use your created character. So making sure that you have the exact player that you want to dominate the NBA 2K world is more crucial than ever. The NBA 2K Demo is going to allow you to get ahead start a couple of weeks before the game officially launches on September 6th.

NBA 2K20

The demo is going to give you the chance to experiment and play around with the never-ending amount of player builds that will be available in the game. You can work with your character to make sure that they are and exactly what you want to be.

This year your created character is going to be able to behave like actual NBA players rather than just the ridged archetypes that were present in last year’s game. If you want to create a Small Forward that plays like Carmello Anthony,  you can now do that (hopefully without the struggles and controversy). This year is going to allow players to create a character that is not so one dimensional as years prior.

You will also be able to carry over the progress that you make on the demo to the actual game on September 6th. So make sure you get a good idea of what you want and start practicing. Get that build down packed so you can start dominating the competition.

The NBA 2K demo is currently available for download on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox.

Let us know what sort of player you will be making in the comment down below.