Senior Designer At Obsidian Talks The Outer Worlds

Obsidian’s the Outer Worlds Will Allow Gamers to Kill Any NPC With Few Repercussions

During a recent Interview, Senior game designer with Obsidian Brian Hines announced gamers can kill any NPC in The Outer Worlds and if a player feels like a quest is taking them down the wrong path, they can turn on the quest giver. Obsdian is coming up with unique ways to still convey important message to the gamers if they kill important NPC’s, for example, if you kill a quest giver they may drop a note which still gives you the quest even though you killed them. Some quests may even exclusively start by killing NPC’s and on October 25th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One gamers will find out exactly how Obsidian intends to convey quest information to them.

Outer Worlds Obsidian

Fans of Obsidian may be familiar with Fallout New Vegas where players could kill nearly anyone they wished but the consequences could be drastic if they killed an important NPC, The Outer Worlds looks to change this formula to give gamers more freedom.  “So we try to find, like look at, okay who is actually critical and what information do players actually have to know?” said Brian Hines, “if this person gets killed, how else can we convey that information to keep the quest moving forward?”

One developer at Obsidian really likes to playthrough the game helping all of the quest givers they can and when they’re done the developer likes to return to them all and kill them. This developer likely helped start the conversation about ways to not punish players who like to role-play as serial killing psychopaths which truly just adds to the replay value. We’re looking forward to killing any NPC’s that block the mouth of a cave, entrance to a tunnel or doorway.

Here’s what we think of TheOuter Worlds so far.

Are you looking forward to The Outer Worlds releasing on October 25th? Will you be doing a playthrough where you slaughter everyone? Let us know in the comments below!

Source: Gaming Bolt