New DualShock 4 Controller Colors and New Rose Gold Headset Coming This Fall

PS4 Offering More Variety 

If you are tired of the old white and black controllers that came with your PlayStation 4 then this is for you. Sony and the people at PlayStation are wheeling out a bunch of brand new colors and designs for their DualShock 4 controllers. They will be introducing four new colors for their controllers and a totally new Rose Gold-tinted headset that is set to be available this Fall.

Rose Gold

Electric Purple, Red Camouflage, Titanium Blue, and Rose Gold will be the new colors for the DualShock 4. Keep in mind that these are only four out of twenty-five options to choose from when selecting how you want your controller to look. There is a look for everyone.

However, the big reveal is the new Rose Gold colored headset that is being released alongside the new controllers. If you have ever wanted to trash talk people in style then this is a must for you. This is a perfect addition for anyone who is thinking about grabbing the new Rose Gold DualShock 4. You can look fancy and chic while you’re playing your favorite game.

As good as this news might be, PlayStation 4 players should not get used to it. The next Sony console is around the corner. This only means that new content for the PS4 is going to become more scarce. Sony has made it clear that they do not plan on abandoning the PS4 community when the PS5 drops. But that should be taken with a grain of salt.¬†Don’t expect to be left out to dry, but also don’t think that Sony is going to be all that adamant about churning out new updates or tweaks to the console. This includes fancy controllers.

They want you to buy the PS5, not stay on the PS4.