NBA 2K20 Gameplay Details Revealed

NBA 2K20 Plans to Bring New Improvements to the Series

A recent NBA 2K20 blog post detailed several new features that will make player movement more realistic, give dribbling more depth, and make the team AI smarter.

NBA 2K20

NBA 2K’s gameplay director Mike Wang said in the blog post that player movement has been seen a big improvement over previous NBA 2K games.

“Some of the advances that you’ll immediately see and feel when you pick up NBA 2K20 are better foot planting, momentum modeling, and motion style variation,” Wang said. “Players have a much better sense of weight and plant their feet properly when cutting or exploding from a stand. And thanks to the addition of motion styles, you’ll quickly feel the difference between a lumbering big vs. a quick, explosive guard.”

NBA 2K20

Wang also said that multiple star players in the game (such as LeBron James and Kawhi Leonard) have their own dribbling styles. According to Wang, there are 27 different dribbling styles that can be used in the game’s MyCAREER mode. Wang also provided details for the game’s defensive systems such as the new “Read & React Defense” system which allows defending players to “see a small arrow under the ball handler, indicating where they’re leaning or attempting to go.”

The whole blog post can be read here.

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