Journey Gets a Surprise Launch on iOS

thatgamecompany’s Journey Comes to Mobile

In a complete surprise, indie classic Journey launched on the iOS App Store on Tuesday for $4.99. The PS3 game had been ported to PS4 in 2015 and launched for PC this June but there was no prior announcement for a mobile launch.


Journey is about exploring a mysterious world and its lost ruins. This grand adventure can be played solo but it’s possible to encounter another player in random instances.

Our review of the original 2012 PS3 release was glowing with praise for the indie game’s atmosphere and unique gameplay.

“While so many games strive to be true to one specific concept, Journey represents the arc that encompasses all emotions,” the review’s author wrote. “It tries to be all things to all people, and it succeeds, because you take your life experiences into the game. Regardless of age, race, culture, or gender, any open-minded player can find something amazing here.”

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