Modern Warfare Multiplayer Trailer Shows off Maps, Gadgets, and Guns

Exit Light, Enter Night

A lot of the early news regarding Call of Duty: Modern Warfare focused on the single player campaign. It aims to strike the nerves of players and have their actions be impactful. That does not mean developer Infinity Ward has forgotten or abandoned the multiplayer aspect. A few days ago, they released the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare multiplayer trailer. It is full of cinematic firefights, tense stealth operations, and a host of different tools for players to use. I have a feeling that it was scripted to be that way; I have played COD before and it is not as organized as that.

Modern Warfare Multiplayer Trailer

The trailer begins with a stealthy, close-quarters operation. There are elements shown off that we have seen in Rainbow Six: Siege where players infiltrate and systematically clear buildings. There is also a section where players are escorting a mini-robot tank through a mine or a cave. The area has its lights shut down, which suggests that some environments can be interacted with in that way. This also teases a possible game mode where players have to move the robot, like in Overwatch.

There is also sequences of classic COD multiplayer with a lot of firefights, but on a larger scale. There are images of vehicle-mounted machine guns and tanks being used and fired upon. These shots are likely from the new mode Ground War. We also see a Juggernaut being used. It is slow, but tears though opponents and even their air support. The trailer ends with a cinematic shot of the nuke killstreak. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare will be out on October 25th on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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Source: YouTube