Metal Wolf Chaos XD Gets Behind The Scenes Video

Learn More About This Wacky Game

Perhaps you would prefer if the magical mystery that is Metal Wolf Chaos XD remained that way for all time. If your curiosity has gotten the better of you, check out this behind the scenes video from Devolver Digital! It’s chock full of both details and facts!

Metal Wolf Chaos XD behind the scenes video

The team jetted off to the From Software offices in Japan to get the inside scoop, and also to meet the people whose game they were remastering? Apparently the creators simply wanted to cook up a fictional all-American narrative. Seeing reality start catching up is almost disappointing.

If this Metal Wolf business is news to you, consider that the game was also something of a cult hit in Japan. Between the lack of North American availability and the lackluster initial sales, eBay copies of this game used to be crazy hot. Like, 2-500 bucks kind of hot. Thankfully, you can get the game with a lot less effort now. Check out the video below for more of these fascinating facts. You can also check out our review of the game here! I was stern but fair, all things told.