New GreedFall Trailer Breaks Down the Gameplay

GreedFall’s RPG Mechanics Get Showcased in a New Trailer

GreedFall is an upcoming RPG that’s only a few weeks away from its September 10th launch so a new trailer is here to provide an in-depth look at the game’s numerous mechanics.

Set during the 17th century on a magical island named “Teer Fradee” that’s inhabited by magical natives, the game places players in the boots of one of the island’s colonizers. However, when conflict arises between the island’s factions, the player will have to choose which side they’re on and the game’s developers have said that these choices can have lasting consequences.

The gameplay trailer posted above delves deep into the combat, stealth, customization, and companion mechanics. There’s even a disguise mechanic that can be used for missions. One of the more interesting parts of the trailer details how companions can be become lovers or betray the player if certain choices are made.


What did you think of the gameplay trailer? What’s your opinion of the game so far? Are you thinking of getting GreedFall or has the gameplay that’s been shown left you unimpressed?

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