Doom Eternal Trailer Shows Off the New and Terrifying Hunter Enemy

Good Luck Doom Guy

Bethesda has just unveiled a trailer that showcases one of the new enemies that Doom Guy will have to face in Doom Eternal. Simply called the “Hunter,” this big boy is something straight out of Hell. Or rather the deepest circle of Hell. If Hell has a basement then this is where the Hunter would probably hang out.

MK Doomslayer


The Hunter is a mix of machine and demon. His upper half is mostly a hellish humanoid torso. Aside from the cybernetic enhancements that are riddled throughout his body. He has a chainsaw where his left arm should be and is also sporting some sort of metallic visor where his eyes used to be. However, the hunter has no legs. To remedy this problem he flys around on a sort of hovering platform that allows him to glide across surfaces at a relatively fast pace. This substitute for his legs also has guns sticking out of it. Because of course, it does.

The Hunter should be one of the most challenging enemies to date that has been added to Doom. At least he should be. What is the point of making a trailer hyping him up if he is just going to be another punk demon?

Doom Eternal is the second Doom game to be released in the modern era of video games. The Doom franchise, of course, was instrumental in bringing about the FPS genre. The series was thought to be essentially dead until the release of Doom in 2016. Previous to that, the last Doom title came out in 2003.

Doom (2016) was a massive hit and rejuvenated the entire franchise once again. The tight controls and great gunplay were loved by fans and critics alike. Doom Eternal will be looking to add even more to the franchise.