Super Mario Maker 2 Is Absolutely Crushing It In the UK

Super Mario Maker 2 Repeats As the Highest Selling Game Two Weeks In a Row

Apparently, the British are huge fans of Mario. Super Mario Maker 2 has managed to be the highest selling game in the nation for two weeks in a row. Nintendo as a whole is doing very well in jolly old England. Mario Kart 8 and the newest Super Smash Bros is was also in the top five best selling games of the week. For whatever reason, the UK seems to be in love with the Italian plumber in the red hat.

super mario maker 2 hero

The major success of Nintendo might not necessarily be due to the country’s affinity for Mario. There has not been any major competition for Super Mario Maker 2 as of late. There were no big releases last week. So some are speculating that this is the reason Super Mario Maker and Nintendo as a whole has been able to do so well. Regardless of the reason behind it, Nintendo is probably just happy to be doing good.

Another reason the game has done so well is the rather strict age restriction that the UK has. Super Mario Maker 2 rated PEGI 3+ which simply means that the game is suitable for anyone over the ages of three years old. While games that are just as tame and bloodless such as Minecraft and Crash Bandicoot are only available to players 7 or older. This small difference might seem minor but when a parent is making a choice between games for their children to play, the rating definitely comes into their decision-making process. Super Mario Maker 2 simply appeals to a wider audience. Plus Super Mario has massive appeal to just about everyone. Mario is hands-down the most recognizable video game character of all time.

Congrats to Mario and Nintendo. It’s nice to see them get more attention.