Sniper Elite 4 and WipEout Omega Collection Will be Available For Free on the PlayStation Store This August

These Games Will be Free to Everyone Who Has PS Plus

Tomorrow is August 1st. Which means that there are going to be new free games of the month on the PlayStation Store. This August, players who have PlayStation Plus will be able to download Sniper Elite 4 and WipEout Omega Collection for no charge at all. The free games of the month is a great way to get your hands on games that are usually overlooked or forgotten about. However, just because they might not get as much attention as triple-A titles, does not mean they are not worth your time.

Sniper Elite 4 is a run of the mill third-person shooter on the surface. But once you start playing you will realize that there is much more to it than that. The Sniper Elite franchise is famous for its gruesome and violent sniper kills. Every time you kill an enemy with a sniper rifle (sometimes other weapons as well) you will trigger a slow-motion x-ray kill. This feature shows in excruciating detail the path your bullet takes through an enemy’s body. Punching a hole through someone’s skull, tearing through vital organs, the whole nine yards. You get to see all of it.

WipEout Omega is a classic arcade-style racing game. If you were ever big into old school racing games then you should definitely pick this one up. You don’t race cars in this game, but instead, you will duke it out with an anti-gravity vehicle. You can race against the clock or other players. Online multiplayer and split-screen are available too. So if you have your friends over you can trash talk each other in person rather than over a headset.  This game is nothing fancy but a fun way to kill a couple of hours with your friends.