Next Gundam Game Will Be On Smartphones This Summer

Build Robots On Your Way To Work

Bandai Namco is making another Gundam game, and this one is actually coming to North America! Also it’s a mobile game. To further the dashing of your hopes/blossoming of your wildest dreams, check out the trailer embedded a little further down. Mecha on the go!

Gundam Game Mobile

Like all mobile games, this one is sure to be loaded with gacha nonsense of the most predatory order. Will I download this game when it comes out regardless? Absolutely! If nothing else, mobile games are the perfect format for the obsessive acquisition of mech parts, weapons, and upgrades. There’s even going to be something like a story!

The game appears to feature simple controls and flashy battles, perfect for those train trips to work. Of course, the last Bandai Namco game also looked really cool in trailers. The execution was less than satisfying, however. Pre-registration is open for both iOS and Android, if all this portable mecha combat is up your alley.