New Cyberpunk 2077 Details Revealed in Short Videos

Learn More About In-Game Ads and Level Progression

From now until next April, we’re all pretty much starved for new Cyberpunk information. Thankfully, CDPR has some new 2077 details for us to absorb. A pair of new videos have been released that go into slightly more detail about the in-game ads and the progression system.

Cyberpunk_2077_2 2077 details

Both videos are embedded below. While the nod to Total Recall is a nice touch, the juicier tidbit is about progression. Any game where using skills levels up those skills is a winner in my books. This is a winning strategy for making every action feel like it’s building towards your overall growth. Between the mechanical details and the slavish devotion to worldbuilding, Cyberpunk 2077 is gonna make a gigantic impact when it drops next Spring.