Infinity Ward Unveils New Modern Warfare Gunfight Mode

Other Modes Presumably Named “Bulletshoot”

From the creative minds of [war-word] + [other war-word] comes a mode called Gunfight. As much as I want to make fun of this mode’s name, the gameplay actually sounds pretty solid. The upcoming Modern Warfare Gunfight mode may sound like another Call of Duty gamemode called Gun Game, but it is quite a bit different. It is structured in a way that fundamentally makes it a fun, quick gametype. 2v2, tiny maps, last team standing wins. There are even rules that force the rounds to come to a quick close should the teams take too long to kill each other.

Modern Warfare Gunfight

Like I said, it is definitely not Gun Game, but there is a similarity. In Gun Game, players rotate through a series of weapons; getting a kill with each one before moving on to the next. The players are not in control of which weapons they get. This is the similarity it shares with Gun Fight. In this new mode, each player is given a random loadout at the beginning of each round. At the start of each round, your and your partner are placed in a incredibly small space with your opposing team, also with randomized weapons. If either team fails to win in under 40 seconds, a flag in the middle of the map must be captured to win the round. It takes three seconds to claim the flag, but if the enemy team wipes you out in those three seconds, they win.

The first team to win 6 rounds takes the match. While most Call of Duty matches take roughly ten minutes, you can expect Gunfight matches to run about 5 minutes each; longer if all the players are timid. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare comes out on October 25th on PS4, PC, and Xbox One.

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Source: PC Gamer