First Round of Bloodstained Patch Notes Released

Better Performance and Big-Time Nerfs Ahead

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a pretty great time, unless you’ve got the Nintendo Switch version. Thankfully, there’s a fix on the way! The first Bloodstained patch notes have been released, giving players a good look at what’s to come. Aside from the bug fixes, a lot of weapon shards are getting nerfed.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night

The patch isn’t out just yet, but it seems like Igarashi and the devs really don’t want players cheesing their way through this game. Cheap-yet-effective weapons like Welcome Company, Rhava Bural, and Rhava Velar are all getting de-powered. Balance is all well and good, but cheap and cheesy strategies are half the fun. Now we’ll have to like, play the game properly! You can check out the complete patch notes below.

Performance Updates:

The teams continue to work on input delay, stability and optimization. We’re not ready to release these improvements just yet, but we’ll be sharing more information in the coming weeks.

Bug Fixes:

Map quest markers no longer showing when target has been killed
HD Rumble issues in certain areas fixed

Familiar Changes:

Familiar upgrade via Grade was nerfed
Increased strength based on level
Dullahammer Head has been nerfed

Shard Adjustments (Decreased Power):

Riga Storaema
Flame Cannon
Straight Arrow
Chase Arrow
Heretical Grinder
Circle Ripper
Shooting Dagger
Riga Dohin
Welcome Company (nerfed significantly – starting from 3 portraits instead of 5)

Weapon Adjustments (Decreased Power):

Flying Edge
Rhava Bural
Rhava Velar

Enemy HP Increases:

Dullahammer Head

Drop Adjustments:

Increased the drop rate of “Monster Fur” from Simians

Text corrections:

Map –

Map close button has been remapped to standard exit/close button
Marker button has been changed
Trail display button has been changed
Map scroll speed improved
Zoom in and out improved
Zoom level retained when reopening the map
Auto-center when opening the map