Assassins Creed and Splinter Cell Are Reportedly Getting New Virtual Reality Games Exclusive to the Oculus

The Videos of People Playing This Are Going to be Great

There have been reports that Oculus is working with Ubisoft to bring about a VR version of Splinter Cell and Assassins Creed. This news might stir up mixed feelings within fans of the Splinter Cell series. People have been begging Ubisoft for years to release a new Splinter Cell game. It appears that the series will be getting a new game, but just not in the way many fans thought.


The Information stated on Facebook that Oculus has been trying to have more exclusive games available for their VR system. This has reportedly caused Oculus to reach out to big companies like Ubisoft in order to strike a deal. It is rumored that Mark Zuckerburg, the owner of Oculus, has been personally pushing for Oculus to obtain more exclusives too. If that is true then we should expect to be seeing some sort of major VR title soon.

As exciting as this may be for some, the logistics seem a little hazy. This sounds like it could be an overly ambitious project on behalf of Ubisoft and Oculus. Anyone who has played both Splinter Cell and Assassins Creed will tell you that a VR version of either of those games is going to be tough to pull off. The parkour and wall-running element is going to be a nightmare on its own, let alone the other complex mechanic that are in both titles. VR is fantastic but it does not mean that it can work with everything. Especially if this move is coming from a place of desperation by Oculus.

It is hard to say for sure what if going to happen. But if these VR games do come to fruition, don’t expect to have a life-changing experience.