Upcoming Celeste DLC Will Have 100+ Levels Including Extra Hard Ones

If We Keep Making More… We Never Have to Release It…

After being a smash hit, indie game Celeste was said to have its final piece of DLC in early 2019. Calm down, you didn’t miss it, it just hasn’t happened yet. Just before 2018 came to a close, creator Matt Thorson said that the game will be receiving “farewell Celeste levels” that will be “very hard.” Don’t worry, they have not abandoned you. Developer Matt Makes Games put out an update yesterday via Twitter that they are still working on the final Celeste DLC. It appears the DLC has grown beyond the scope of their initial plans.

Celeste DLC

In his tweet, Thorson said that “Chapter 9 has over 100 levels! :D” He also said that they are not ready to announce a release date for the final DLC. As the final content update grew bigger and bigger, the end of the project got pushed back further and further. “We don’t like to talk release dates until we’re 100% sure, because as always we have missed every internal target we set for ourselves as the Chapter grew in scope. Sorry!” said Thorson. Is it poor time management, or something else? Whatever the case, the original release of Celeste was a huge success, so match the expectations of fans and do justice to the game, they should take as much time as they need.

As Thorson said, there is no release date as of yet, but fans are sure to be jumping for joy when it finally comes out. Perhaps there will be a definitive edition or something with all the content bundled together eventually.

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Source: Twitter