Super Mario Maker 2 Has 32 Course Upload Limit

As Opposed To The Last Game’s 100 Level Limit

As someone with extremely limited course making skills, filling 32 upload slots seems like a monumental task. Of course, proper Mario Maker 2 creators don’t have this problem. Thus, fans are rather upset about this game’s course upload limit. The last game let you upload 100 of them!

Super Mario Maker 2 course upload limit

The discussion has been pretty heated, as is often the case with gamers. In theory, you could increase that limit by creating a second Nintendo Switch Online account. Or, you could just wait for the inevitable backlash to encourage a fix in a future patch. Hey, it could totally happen!

The previous game only let you upload ten levels, at least at first. Once your creations got enough accolades from other players, then your limit was increased. At the moment, there’s no equivalent system in place for the sequel. Sure, this system is great for no-talent scrubs like myself. But for the master builders out there, this feels like a cruel arbitrary limit. Even if Nintendo never offers a fix, hopefully they’ll have an explanation for this soon. The fans are quite hopeful, you know? You can check out our review for Super Mario Maker 2 here.