Ed Boon Teases the Upcoming Mortal Kombat 11 Nightwolf DLC on Twitter

“And Now a Taste of Things to Kome…”

Wrapping up last month, NetherRealm released a gameplay trailer for the first Mortal Kombat 11 DLC character Shang Tsung. The trailer ended with an announcement of several more characters on their way including Todd McFarlane’s Spawn, and Mortal Kombat veterans Sindel and Nightwolf. Just yesterday, co-creator Ed Boon tweeted out an image seemingly confirming that the Mortal Kombat 11 Nightwolf DLC is next in line. Or at the very least, showing that he is all warmed up and ready to fight.

Mortal Kombat 11 Nightwolf DLC

Neither the tweet nor the image mentions Nightwolf by name. However, anyone familiar with him will recognize the tomahawk he wields because Native American tropes. Nightwolf has deep spiritual powers, being able to conjure up ethereal bows, arrows, tomahawks, and daggers. He is also known to be able to transform into a wolf-form in some Mortal Kombat titles. The image tweeted by Boon shows Nightwolf approaching another character, looking to be an out of focus Scorpion, what with his yellow armour and covered face.

We still have yet to see anything about the other confirmed characters Sindel and Spawn. Also, while we know two other mystery characters are coming too, we have no confirmation of who they are. There are rumors pointing to Terminator, Ash Williams, and Joker, but again, just rumors. No release date yet for Nightwolf or any other of the above characters.

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Source: Twitter