The Steam Summer Sale is Now Live

Every Gamers Favorite Time of Year

The Mecca of PC games, Steam is having its annual Summer Sale. This is a big deal for gamers everywhere. Cheap video games are something that everyone can get behind. The sale started yesterday June 25th and is going to conclude on July 9th. So every Steam user will have two whole weeks to get ahold of as many games as possible within that time frame.


The great thing about this sale, in particular, is that almost nothing is exempt from a price drop. From small and obscure indie games to massive triple-A titles, everything is on sale. Here are some notable games that are on sale now are. These are all the Canadian prices, so if you are living outside of Canada like in the US or UK, chances are the deals are even better.

The Witcher 3 – $16.79

Kingdom Come: Deliverance – $20.39

Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey – $39.99

Resident Evil 2 – $52.49

Grand Theft Auto 5 – $14.99

These are just some of the examples of the ridiculously low prices that are available during the Steam Summer Sale. Entire franchises are being sold as a discount too. For instance, every game in the Sid Mier’s Civilization series is on sale. Among many others.

Prices do change as the sale continues. So if you are not happy with current prices, there is always a chance they could be lowered even further.  But this does work both ways. You could find a game’s price rise as the sale drags on, or just no longer be on sale altogether.

Valve has introduced a new mechanic to entice its users even further into taking part in the sale. There is now a mini-game called the Steam Grand Prix, this allows plays of the game to win further discounts on games or even games entirely free of charge.