Square Enix Begins Hiring for New Dragon Quest Development

The Never-Ending Quest for Dragons, Right?

Ah, Square Enix and their enormous library of RPGs. With all the RPGs they have made, another Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest game may seem like a drop in the bucket. It must be an exhausting and unending challenge to keep them fresh over the years. Still, Square Enix is up to it. Just a little while ago, they put up some job listings to expand the Dragon Quest XI team. While no details really reveal anything about the new Dragon Quest game, it is clear they want to step up their game, no pun intended.

New Dragon Quest

The Second Development Division, which is the team behind Dragon Quest XI, says the have “begun to challenge the next generation of Dragon Quest.” They are looking for new “friends” that share their passion for game development. There are five job positions in total they are looking to fill; a battle system designer, facial motion designer, motion designer, 2D background designer, and technical artist. Again, nothing about these job postings reveal anything that we do not already expect from a Dragon Quest game, or any game really.

33 years after the first game, the Dragon Quest series is still going strong. The latest is even considered to be the best one yet, so decades later, the series is reaching new peaks. We can only hope that the next game, presumable Dragon Quest XII, will reach even higher heights. No word on release date, consoles, no nothing.

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Source: Square Enix