Silver Chains Is a Creepy New Horror Game

Silver Chains Comes to PC This Summer

First-person horror game Silver Chains is releasing on GOG, Steam, and other digital platforms on August 6th. The game’s currently planned to launch on PS4, Xbox One, and Switch sometime “in Q4 2019”, according to a press release.

The new trailer can be viewed below.

As a young man named Peter, players will explore an abandoned mansion in the English countryside and solve puzzles that will reveal the mansion’s many secrets. However, there’s a monster roaming about, so players will have to run and hide whenever it appears.

Silver Chains

Here’s the basic story premise, according to the press release:

After a mysterious accident, Peter wakes up inside an abandoned mansion located in rural England. Not knowing how or why he ended up here, he soon begins to realize that he is not alone. As Peter tries to find his way out, he starts to uncover the dark secrets of what happened in this place. More disturbingly, he discovers hints indicating that he had been here before.

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Source: Press release