One of Borderlands 3’s New Vault Hunter Moze Skill Trees Broken Down

Woman of Mass Destruction

Borderlands has always been about guns and bullets. The Vault Hunters’ abilities enhance combat in game-changing ways. However, some of the Vault Hunters’ abilities just double down on the guns and bullets, and that is more than okay. Roland, Axton, Salvador, Nisha, and now Moze shows up with her Iron Bear mech and shows us all how destruction is really done. At E3, Gearbox showed off Borderlands 3 with gameplay and a new trailer, but it was really an opportunity for fans to check out Moze. The Moze skill trees are all about that big sexy mech.

Moze's Skill Trees

“Bottomless Mags”, “Demolition Woman”, and “Shield of Retribution” are the names of her skill trees and they all enhance Iron Bear in different ways. Moze hops into Iron Bear who has an changeable weapon mounted on each arm. The first weapons that can be used are miniguns, railguns, and grenade launcher. You can have two of one or two different weapons. The “Bottomless Mags” skill tree is all about how many bullets you can cram down your enemies’ throats. It explores ammo regeneration, non-ammo consuming shots, and can add a rear-mounted turret for your friends.

“Demolition Woman” would make Torgue proud. This skill tree adds explosive damage to bullets, increases explosive damage and size, and gives more grenades. It also affects Iron Bear’s cooldown time. “Shield of Retribution” affects the durability of Iron Bear. It increases Moze’ shields, gives Iron Bear more shields, and plays with increased damage at low-health moments. Amara and Zane were shown off last month. Perhaps FL4K will be shown at PAX West. Borderlands 3 will be available on September 13th on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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Source: Destructoid