Microsoft Disappointed Their Rival Sony Was Not at E3

Maybe We All Can Get Along Afterall 

Since the Original Xbox’s launch all the way back in November of 2001, Microsoft and Sony have been intense rivals. The endless arguments over which console is better has been going on for almost 20 years now. Fans from both sides insisting that their gaming platform outperforms all the rest. The two companies have not been shy about this tension either. PlayStation had openly mocked the Xbox One’s original inability to play used games for instance. All of this competitive spirit would build up to E3 every year. The two giants would come face to face and fight for the hard earned money of people everywhere. However, this did not happen at this years E3. For the first time ever, Sony did not come.

Phil Spencer Talks Scorpio

Phil Spencer the head of Xbox commented on this saying how he wished that Sony was at E3. He added that the conference was simply not the same without them. This may seem odd that the head of the competition is upset that their rival did not take the chance to show off anything new. But it turns out that Phil Spencer is also on the board of directors for the Entertainment Software Association. The group that is responsible for actually running E3 every year. So it would make sense to as why he would be upset that a massive video game giant like Sony was a no-show.

But even as the head of Xbox, Spencer would have had a vested interest in seeing a lackluster or ill-prepared Sony conference take place. A Sony showcase that had little to offer would have made Microsoft look great. Xbox unveiled its new console as well as announced the release date of Halo: Infinite. It was definitely the right move by Sony to not go.