Blizzard Employees Are Leaving the Company at an Alarming Rate

Many Blizzard Employees Have Left Due to Poor Management and Low Morale

There have been a sizable amount of Blizzard employees who have left the company as of late. The ones who have left have stated that low morale was a major factor in their decision. There is are a lot of talented people walking away from the company because of this. It has also been rumored that are prominent employees have already left Blizzard or are planning to leave soon.

Activision Blizzard

All of this started with Nate Nanzar, the Overwatch Leauge Commissioner leaving to go and pursue a career at Epic Games. Nanzar’s departure has been connected to the ESports CEO of Blizzard, Pete Vlastelica. Vlastelica is relatively new to the position as he was previously the CEO of Fox News. This change is what some believe to have pushed Nanzar away. It is not known for certain but it was allegedly the handling of the Overwatch and Call of Duty leagues that really upset people.

The ESports scene at Blizzard has been going poorly, to put it mildly. A few months ago there was a big layoff of employees. Many of the people who had lost their jobs had worked on Esports. This move by Blizzard was bizarre as they had just set a new record in revenue for the year.

Regardless of the real reason why their employees are leaving, this is obviously bad news for Blizzard. There are clearly a large number of workers that are not happy with the direction that the company is heading. This problem needs to be seriously assessed. A mass exodus of workers is something they should avoid at all costs.

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