Witcher Fans Raising Hell Over Nilfgaardian Armor Design

Somehow Smartphone Footage Looks Terrible

Smartphone footage has leaked of the upcoming Netflix Witcher series. In a less-than-shocking twist, it looks like crap! Which is to say that you can see a bunch of dudes in Nilfgaardian armor beating each other up without any post-production assistance. Fans are taking particular umbrage with the look of said armor.

Witcher 3 Developer nilfgaardian armor

Look, I’ll be the first to admit that it’s not the hottest look in the realm, but this is clearly a case of being in pre…post-production. Netflix is almost certainly going to be relying heavily on CGI and other trickery to get the extra special Witcher shine we’re all hoping for.

The video in question is embedded below. Beware be slow to trust your eyes, especially because it was filmed in vertical mode. Honestly, that should have been the focus of everyone’s rage. Who still does that? TURN THE PHONE, YOU MANIAC. Never mind the weird, rubbery armor, if this is what the show looks like in any capacity, I’ll eat my metaphorical hat. Whether you’re fuming with rage, or withholding judgment until release, you’ve got several months before you see the final product. The Netflix Witcher show is set for release in the last quarter of 2019.