Uncharted Movie Is in “Advanced Development” According to Sony CEO

No Turning Back Now

The upcoming Uncharted film has faced a lot of turmoil in getting its feet on the ground. Finding its director and its Nathan Drake have been quite a challenge. Now that Sony has found those roles in Dan Tratchenberg and Tom Holland, CEO Tony Vinciquerra says that the movie is in “advanced development”. What does that mean for the Uncharted movie? Who knows? “Advanced development” is not exactly a production term we are familiar with. Pre-production, production, post-production; these are words that are very clear for fans.

Uncharted Movie

Honestly, “advanced development” sounds like a good way of saying almost done with pre-production, without saying they are not too far along. Speaking of pre-production, no word yet on when they will start filming. Right now, Tom Holland is the only confirmed cast member. For the role of Nathan Drake’s mentor Sully, the shortlist apparently includes Chris Pine, Chris Hemsworth, Wood Harrelson, and Matthew McConaughey. Tom Holland advocated for his Avengers: Infinity War co-star Chris Pratt to play Sully. Pratt was also offered the role of Nathan Drake.

With video game movies seemingly cursed to never satisfy both video game fans and critics, will the Uncharted film continue the trend or break the curse?

Source: HITC