Don’t Worry, Upcoming PS4 Exclusives Are Still Bound for Current-Gen Release

PS4/PS5 Cross-Gen Releases Could Still Happen Though

As the current console generation starts to close and talks of new consoles pop up more frequently, there’s always a bit of concern from fans that games that are in development now might get pushed into next-gen territory. The PS4, for instance, still has a few blockbuster exclusives coming out such as The Last of Us Part II, Death Stranding, and Ghost of Tsushima.

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With news of the PS5 possibly arriving as early as next year, some gamers believe that one or more of these games might get delayed into the PS5 launch window. While these concerns are certainly valid, Sony has confirmed that the above three games are definitely coming to current-gen. However, they didn’t rule out them coming to next-gen either.

During a presentation for Sony Investor Relations Day 2019, president and CEO of Sony Interactive Entertainment Jim Ryan spoke over one of the slides that featured artwork from the big three games that focused on the PS4’s critical role over the next three years.

“For the next three years or so, PS4 will be the engine of SIE’s engagement and probability, as we seek to keep the existing owner base engaged and delighted and attract new owners from different markets and different demographics,” said Ryan. “In this, we will be massively helped by an outstanding roster of new and exclusive games that have yet to be launched.”

The slide, as well as Jim Ryan’s comments, confirm that The Last of Us Part II, Death Stranding, and Ghost Tsushima are all planned for a current-gen release but it still is possible they could come out for the PS5 as well. It is worth mentioning though, that even if a cross-gen release does occur, the PS5 has been confirmed to support PS4 backwards compatibility, meaning they’ll be playable on Sony’s next platform anyway.

Does this put some of your qualms at bay? Which exclusive are you looking forward to the most? Leave a comment below.