That Netflix Ingress Anime Is Finally Out

Psychic Powers And Smartphones

Last year Niantic announced that Netflix was making an Ingress anime, and now it’s finally here! Ingress: The Animation is now available, letting curious fans check out this world Niantic built from a fresh perspective. Mix together sci-fi, mystery, psychic powers, and smartphones, and you’ve pretty much got it.

Ingress Anime

The story takes place in a future metropolis where powerful companies are fighting for control of a dangerous particle called XM. You know, like the satellite radio system. Everyone of note has psychic powers of one sort or another, and smartphones are still a thing, so you know it’s not that far into the future yet.

A quick look at the first episode reveals a CG-heavy animation style, although it’s easier on the eyes than some other recent examples. Unlike other video game adaptations, this one appears to have spun up a wholly original narrative, just to keep things fresh. On top of that, there’s a reliance on fabulous VFX that I’m fully on board with. If you’re hungry for something fast-paced and drenched in delightful effects, definitely give Ingress: The Animation a look.