Blizzard Earnings Call Outlines Big Vague Plans For Overwatch

So Many Great Things Coming, Which Will Also Be Awesome

In their most recent earnings call, Activision Blizzard talked about some of their upcoming plans. Sort of. They were adamant about big things being on the horizon for Overwatch, which is great news! If any game has room to grow, it’s definitely Overwatch.

doomfist overwatch

While there weren’t any specifics hit on during the earnings call, it seems like we’ve only seen ‘phase one’ of the overall Overwatch story. Which is true! AS far as narrative goes, we’ve been drip-fed the Overwatch story more than anything else. Activision Blizzard could go in almost any direction from here, they really could.

If it seems like I’m being too vague here, know that Blizzard didn’t do any better during the call. There were a lot of phrases thrown around like ‘very large ambitions,’ ‘huge tentpole franchise,’ and ‘new.’ There was also talk of working on the existing game versus the team’s other work, which is a sentiment you can blow wide open with baseless speculation. Knowing Blizzard’s usual working pace, that ‘other work’ could come to fruition in as little time as a decade! The mind utterly reels with possibilities. Who knows what wondrous things we’ll see next in the Overwatch universe?