Fortnite Locations Destroyed and a Vaulted Weapon Returns

The Reckoning of Season 8

A bunch of theories surrounding Fortnite’s Season 8 volcano have now been proven to be true. Now, several Fortnite locations have been changed just a bit. Yesterday, after the volcano was finally satisfied with the abundance of loot thrown into it, a 24-hour countdown began. Many players believed it was counting down to the opening of the vault under Loot Lake. Their instincts were right. The vault opened right on time, and players were able to jump in, taking them to a strange dimension. What they found was a series of columns, six in fact. Each of these columns contained a vaulted item.

Fortnite Locations

The six items were the Planes, Infinity Blade, Grappler, Tactical SMG, Bouncer, and Drum Gun. They weren’t just there to look at though. Players swarmed the columns and began swinging at them with their pickaxes. The first item to be freed would return to the game, and that item was the Drum Gun. It’s famous for being able to shred through cover and building material, so players are wondering if it will be nerfed or altered in some way. Anyway, the Drum Gun is back, but that’s not all that happened.

After the Drum Gun was unlocked, all the players were spat back into the regular map, where the volcano began to erupt. Volcanic rock flew into the sky and rained down upon Tilted Towers, Retail Row, and Polar Peak. The first two locations were completely demolished, while Polar Peak received a large crack, which is believed to widen in the coming season. Polygon captured footage of the event.

What do you think will become of the ruins of Retail Row and Tilted Towers? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: YouTube