Luigi’s Mansion 3 Gets Rated in Korea, Suggests Close Release Date

Could We See It at E3?

The third Luigi’s Mansion game was first announced in September 2018’s Nintendo Direct. The announcement trailer had shown off the gameplay we know and love in a new location. The trailer ends with a 2019 release. That is a pretty broad window, but as the year goes on, that window gets smaller by the day. According to the Game Rating and Administration Committee in South Korea, Luigi’s Mansion 3 has a rating. Surely, the game cannot be too far off. Possible leaks from February suggested that the new Luigi’s Mansion game would be coming out in July. There might be more validity to this than was first given.

Luigi's Mansion 3

It is not uncommon for a retailer to have placeholder dates for upcoming games. This was why the leak had people skeptical at first. However, the GRAC’s rating does indeed suggest that it is ready to be shipped soon. We should also note that Nintendo is not beyond announcing release dates in close proximity to said date. So, if the July 19th release date is to be taken seriously, then we might see Luigi busting ghosts at E3.

On the other hand, the leak that suggested Luigi’s Mansion 3 would come out this Summer also claimed that Daemon X Machina would come out on May 24th. This is one week away and there is no confirmed release date for Daemon X Machina. In terms of the leak’s validity as a whole, we are back to square one. Will we see Luigi’s Mansion 3 before the end of the Summer? We can only really wait until E3.

When do you think we will be back to ghost hunting? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Gematsu