A Hat in Time DLC Adds a New Level and Online Party Play

Cuteness Chaos Has Reached Critical Mass!

Announced on April 25th, the newest piece of DLC for A Hat in Time did not have fans waiting long. On May 10th, Nyakuza Metro was released for the PC version of the game. As of right now, A Hat in Time DLC is exclusive to the PC, but will come bundled with the Nintendo Switch release. Not only does the Nyakuza Metro DLC add single player content, but it adds multiplayer that will surely become a swarm of Hat Kids. You’ll see what that means.

A Hat in Time DLC

Nyakuza Metro is a Japanese themed world where Hat Kid joins a street gang of cats called Nyakuza. Ten new Time Pieces are added. They can be obtained by completing the new chapters in the new world. With a new sticker system, players will be able to customize their gear. Speaking of which, a new weapon is available for Hat Kid; the baseball bat. There is also a ton of new cosmetics like camera filters, dyes, and flairs. The online party play allows players to jump into a game with up to 50 others. Imagine that: 50 Hat Kids. When playing with friends, you can “Mess with eachother! You can hit, explode, shake and play catch with eachother, and more!” When playing with strangers, they cannot mess with you like that.

As mentioned above, DLC is exclusive to PC. The online party play is exclusive to the Steam version, as it was developed with the Steam Networking API. Sorry, GOG players. You can buy it on Steam for $7.99, but Kickstarter contributors get it for free. Nyakuza Metro is out now.

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Source: Steam