Smash Bros. Ultimate Ad Hints At Stage Builder Mode

Expect This In The Next Nintendo Direct

Depending on what you love most about Super Smash Bros., this might not be a big deal. The newest ad for Smash Bros. Ultimate shows, among other things, a tiny flash of a new feature. Stage Builder has been a staple for a couple of entries by this point, so this smacks of plausibility.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

The ad in question is embedded below if you want to see for yourself, although it’s only shown for a moment. This particular feature hasn’t quite been officially announced, though it won’t be a massive shock when that happens. What’s a Smash Bros. game without the ability to make dick-shaped levels? Or other kinds of stages, if that appeals to you. More than making massive dicks out of terrain and background objects.

There have been whispers of a Direct coming soon, which almost always come to pass. Much like the changing seasons, new Nintendo Directs are basically a sure thing. Hopefully when they inevitably announce the Stage Builder mode they’ll also reveal some new features as well. Even a more robust version of the Stage Builder we know and love would be amazing. Fingers crossed that new direct comes real soon.