Kojima Possibly Teases New Death Stranding Video

Is A New Death Stranding Trailer on the Way?

Death Stranding creator Hideo Kojima posted an image on Twitter on Tuesday that seemed to hint that he was working on a new video or trailer for the game. The tweet can be viewed below.

If you can’t view the image then here’s a basic description: There’s a Death Stranding logo in what looks like a video that’s being edited with a video editing program.

Kojima didn’t give a release date for the trailer and Sony hasn’t revealed when this highly-anticipated PS4 exclusive will be publicly shown again. Sony won’t be attending E3 2019 so, unlike last year, Death Stranding isn’t going to be seen at E3. However, it’s possible that Sony is planning another State of Play presentation for E3 and could show the game in that instance but none of this has been publicly confirmed to be happening.

Death Stranding

If you’re interested in Death Stranding then read up on the game’s story premise or check out its E3 2018 gameplay trailer.

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