Sony Opting Out of E3 2019

Whatever For, Though?

Sony and E3 go hand in hand, like peas and carrots or red wine and… food. Yet for some reason Sony has decided they aren’t participating in E3 2019. Beyond their sorely noted absence, the reasons behind this beg to be uncovered. What’s the haps, Sony?

playstation experience 2017 (psx 2017)

When pressed about this decision, Sony representatives stated that they were looking for new ways to interact with their community. As a result, they have “decided not to participate in E3 in 2019.” Further inquiries revealed that the company¬†“will not activate or hold a press conference around E3” either. In other words, the company is making no noise next June.

As for why, there’s a few theories. Is this building towards the revival of Playstation Experience? Or is the company going dark to prepare Playstation 5 news? Either way, their absence from E3 will be keenly felt. In fact, this news could signal the start of other companies pulling away from the event. After all, the focus has been slowly shifting towards consumers and influencers. In turn, this could lead to different kinds of companies fighting for real estate at the massive yearly expo. Hopefully we get news of some sort that will reveal just what Sony is gearing up for in 2019.